Best Value Metal Detector in 2020

When we talk about value in regards to the best metal detectors out there, we’re referring to devices which give your maximum bang for your buck. A metal detector which targets what you want to find is great. But, a true value metal detector is one that goes above and beyond that.

It may have an extremely large LCD screen which makes things easier for those with visual impairments. It may have a quality stock search coil which boasts top-of-the-line sensitivity. It may simply be one of the best metal detectors money can buy for a price point that doesn’t break the bank.

Heck, it may be all of these things and more. A true value metal detector is one which feels like a steal of a deal. You pay x amount for it and get all of these extra features you’d think would cost so much more to procure. Whether it’s professional-level ground balance or a gold prospecting standout, we want you to find the metal detector which changes the hobby for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this definitive list of the 4 Best Value Metal Detectors For 2020.


The 4 Best Value Metal Detectors For 2020

1) Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector

The ACE 400 answers to the few critiques of previous installments in the ACE series, adding a comprehensive digital target ID system which was missing from the Garrett ACE 350. This machine also includes a game-changing Iron Audio and discrimination system which makes oh so easy to parse trash from treasure in areas dense with potential false signals. And if you’re planning on going beach hunting with this beautiful machine, feel at ease knowing that it has a waterproof search coil with outstanding range and depth in and outside the water. This is such a steal for the money you’ll pay.


  • What makes this such a valuable inclusion in the ACE series is the addition of a refined iron discrimination technique and the Iron Audio feature. If you’re searching for coins, relics, or jewelry in urban areas teeming with potential for falsing, this will be huge.
  • The digital target ID system is so easy to understand. Garrett listened to negative reviews of previous ACE models and went for it, building in a target ID catalog which will save you time and have you digging only for the things you really want. Coin hunting? A bounty hunter searching for rare treasure? This is for you.
  • The real clincher for this metal detector superstar is just how easy to use it is. There’s so many features and so much to check out with it, but it does all of it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm beginners and walks anyone and everyone through the process.


  • One thing which this machine lacks is a manual ground balance adjustment feature. Those expert treasure hunters who want to tweak their ground balance for maximum sensitivity/discrimination will need to look elsewhere.
  • While the search coil is waterproof, the machine itself is not fully submersible. It does well in highly mineralized ground conditions or even with the coil dipped in salt water (or fresh water), but it’s not for deep dive prospecting.

2) Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

A single operating frequency VLF detector which finds different types of metals with undeniable ease, the Fisher F75 metal detector does what pulse induction machines and most other VLF detectors can’t. It parses out tiny targets in areas surrounded by potential false targets, combining great sensitivity with a discrimination quotient that works in many different environments. We’re also big fans of the large LCD screen which gives clear and concise information right when you need it. The entire control box is easy to use as is this entire detector. In fact, its design includes an adjustable armrest to ensure you’re comfy while relic hunting for your next score.


  • The depth and performance you get out of the Fisher F75 for the price is amazing. This machine simply finds its target with ease and is well regarded in a wide variety of different metal detector reviews for how it performs under pressure.
  • If you want to make sure that the metal detector you buy has a clear backlit LCD display that makes things easy day or night, the F75 is for you. It’s one of our favorite LCD screens in the metal detectors we’ve tested.
  • A true gem among the search modes of the F75 is the All-Metal mode which cuts deep into the response time of the machine and portends maximum depths even when ground minerals are at their most dense.


  • As with the previous entry on our list, only the search coil is submersible. The unit itself is not fully submersible and will sustain major damage if you go underwater with it.
  • This metal detector is a bit heavier than other comparable models, making it a bit of a drag to carry and use for long stretches of time.

3) Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

When you’re talking value for money among metal detectors in the marketplace, the Garrett AT Pro always come up in conversation. Why is that? Well, it’s easy to use and has a lot of features to its credit! The AT Pro includes both the aforementioned Iron Audio system and notch discrimination to push trash to the side in favor of treasure. It responds super quick to new targets, recovering from junk targets quickly to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Other detectors claim to pack so much in for a fair price, but the Garrett AT Pro backs up those claims while also proving fully submersible for underwater detecting!


  • Many people laud the Garrett AT Pro as a standout in the mid-cost class and a big reason is just how fast this device’s recovery time is. If you’re search for a target amidst a ton of potential false ones, this recovery speed is going to do wonders for you.
  • The Garrett AT Pro works in a variety of different conditions and works well. Its ground balance can be shifted from automatic to manual as your tackle dense ground mineralization in search of treasure.
  • This unit is fully submersible which makes it perfect for beach hunting. It’s not made for deep dive prospecting, but it can sure pick a target out of the water like that.


  • While the detector itself is fully submersible, the headphones included with the machine are not. You’ll have to buy some for underwater prospecting if you’re going to use its audio capabilities.
  • The LCD screen is not back lit which makes this a hard detector to use at night sometimes. Make sure you bring a flashlight or phone with you if you’re going to be detecting in areas without streetlamps or other sources of light.

4) Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

If it’s gold prospecting which really interests you, the Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector is a true best buy. Not only is it lightweight with a really cool design, it performs above and beyond what one would expect for the price. Fine tuned for gold prospecting but also able to parse out different metals at varying sensitivities, this machine recovers quickly and targets gold nuggets (and other valuable metals) like it’s nothing. What really closes the deal for us is how durable the included DD coil is. Some detectors need a shelter to protect their coils, but not this one.


  • Not only is the DD coil on this machine super strong, but there are three different version of this device with three different coils (all which are extremely well made). There’s one with a five-inch round DD coil, one with a seven-inch by eleven-inch elliptical coil, and one with a massive 13-inch Ultimate DD coil.
  • There isn’t a better device under four figures for finding gold nuggets of all sizes. This device has been perfected for gold prospecting, making you next score a potentially easy one.
  • The target recovery speed of this machine is lightning quick. If you’re searching for gold nuggets in areas where there could potentially be false signals galore, this is going to knock your socks off.


  • This detector can be a bit troublesome which comes to holding the location of a target in areas dense with false targets. It’s not always a worry, but it does happen on occasion.
  • This is an amazing gold prospecting device. However, it’s adequate to good for most other metals. If you’re searching for silver or something different from a relic perspective, stick with one of the three options above this on the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best value for a metal detector in the market place?

Our pick is the Garrett ACE 400. First of all, Garrett metal detectors are always near the top of the class and the ACE series is a true benchmark in and of itself. The ACE 400 is the pinnacle of that series, offering next-level sensitivity and more discrimination segments than the rest. What really puts it in its own class is the inclusion of an Iron Audio systems which changes tones when it encounters ferrous metals compared to actual relics and treasures.

Other detectors in the ACE series are definitely easy to use and have some of the nuances found here (such as a bright LCD display). However, the ACE 400 is truly what we mean when we talk about value.

What makes a metal detector a great value compared to others?

The concept of value may depend on what you want to get out of your metal detector and what you want to use it for, but the unifying thread among the four detectors on our list is that they pack an extraordinary amount of features into a device sold at an agreeable price point. These are, admittedly, not the cheapest detectors out there. But the real measure of a good deal for a metal isn’t how little you pay.

It’s the depth of its search capabilities, the way it bypasses ground mineralization and dominates multiple ground conditions, the inclusion of useful search modes, and just the way it makes relic hunting that much easier. Honestly, you’ll know once you try one of the four beauties above.

Closing Thoughts.

While value is relative in most things, we’re pretty certain that the four metal detectors above are the epitome of it in the metal detecting community. These powerful machines do so much and aren’t even among the most expensive metal detectors you can buy. If you’re looking for a device which can take your treasure hunting to the next level without taking out a loan, these metal detectors are the definition of money we